International Brain Research Foundation Martial Arts Xtreme Challenge Fundraiser

There has never been a fundraiser for any issue or topic of such global importance and proportions as this one. This event will help our men and women in the armed forces, who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury, to seek help from the IBRF and the Military. We, as Martial Artists and Americans, need to step up to the plate and help this great cause. As my late father and Martial Arts pioneer Michael DePasquale Sr. said, “One hand washes the other, but two hands wash the face.” I myself, as a former board member, will be walking hand-in-hand with Dr. Phil DeFina the founder and director of the International Brain Research foundation. Dr De Fina is a former member of the U.S. Army and a shihan under the De Pasquale Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu banner.


Show your support for the men and women of
our armed forces in need! The Martial Arts Xtreme
Challenge will require all participants to push
themselves to the limit. Please register now!

Register NOW for Veteran's Day 2012
Your event can take place any date up to
November 11th, 2012

The IBRF or Michael DePasquale Jr. will personally call any local TV and newspaper media to help them get exposure for your efforts in helping this great cause.

Click here for photos of past Fund Raising events.

Here are a few ideas for you to consider for future IBRF fundraiser’s, for Memorial Day, and or Veteran’s Day. Congradulations to all those participating.

Congratulations to the many Schools that took part in the first IBRF Martial Art Xtreme Challenge fundraiser. We would like everyone to know that the media is very involved in helping promote our fundraiser due to the nature of this event. Now you and your school can be part of something all of us can be proud of, our own fundraiser. We even have a national PR person who will help you promote your event. The martial art community needs to grab onto and help the men and women in the armed forces who protect this country, after all ,we teach individuals to protect themselves as a last resort. Let's s help those who make the ultimate sacrifice, protecting us. This Fundraiser will be an annual event for everyone, taking place each Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Why you should participate!

What’s in it for you, your school, students and parents – the triple WIN.

True Martial Arts practice enables your students to focus and concentrate on achieving worthwhile goals and greatly enhance their ability to meet life's challenges with total confidence and perseverance.

• Leading By Example- Leadership skills are perhaps the most valuable lesson taught in the dojo today, and Black Belts are known to be leaders!

• Teach your students:

• All taught through this fun fundraising challenge!

You will pique your students’ interest and involvement in a worthwhile project, show them how YOU plan the event, how YOU set individual goals for your students and for the entire school, and then set out to meet and beat those goals!

• Get parents involved to help their child.

• Celebrate your accomplishments together!

• This is the triple win, you are doing something good for a worthy cause, creating student, student/parent, and school unity by having an event you and your students can be proud of, with appropriate media attention to draw new students to your school!

• Individual award certificates will be available for you to present to your students

• All schools that register for the event will receive a certificate of participation and letter of appreciation directly from IBRF

• The top ten schools that raise the most money will receive a plaque from the IBRF.

Event Endorsed by:

The effects of war are many---some are quite obvious, some not so---while we have made many strides in the care of the physical effects or traumas of war, caring for the mental traumas has been much more elusive---I applaud soke michael de pasquale, jr for his efforts in this field---i have seen, heard, and felt his passion for this incredibly wonderful cause and urge everyone to support the international brain research foundation.

Dave Baker
USMC 3/9

As one of your students, a former soldier, Police officer and the father of a veteran soldier words cannot express the heartfelt gratitude for your efforts. Freedom is not free someone must pay the price unfortunately it is our men and women in the armed forces that pay the tab. When our military wins a battle on the battlefield it is a victory for all. When our men and women battle for their lives in hospital rooms and therapeutic centers, it is the research facilities, laboratories, doctors and researchers that pick up the fight. All this cannot be done without funding and that is where you come in Soke, this is where you pick up the fight god bless you and your work with the IBRF.

Robinson Rodriguez
Newark P.D.

The International Brain Research Foundation is doing cutting edge research and is having success facilitating healing for our men and women who are suffering from traumatic brain injury as a result of active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Is there anything more worthwhile than to help our vets who dedicate their lives for our country? If we can't help our own vets , who can we help? I give my full support to the foundation and to the Martial Arts Extreme Challenge in their efforts to heal traumatic brain injury . I encourage everyone to spread the word of these good works and to donate to this vital cause.

Frank Aiello
World War II Veteran
First Marine Division

Possibly the greatest reward one can achieve in life is to know he has real friends. Our nation’s combat servicemen who have lived and served with dignity have earned my trust and respect. They nourished, protected, and defended my welfare when I needed them----now it is my turn to take care of them. They never turned their backs on me and I will never turn my back on them. They are my real friends. And now, sadly, many of our friends are on their backs---some permanently. They proved their friendship by pledging to put their life on the line not just for themselves, but also for you, for me, and our loved ones. This is what Admiral Nimitz said observing our combat friends of a bitterly fought WWII battle at Iwo Jima, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.” Valor deserves recognition and appreciation. These combat heroes deserve our friendship; this is why I say there is no greater way of demonstrating our thank you than to return the same pledge they gave us by supporting the International Brain Research Foundation.

Joe Lewis
Former World Karate/Kickbox Champion
Member of First Combat Unit in Viet Nam, 8th Marine Brigade

You have insttuted a commendable project for our warriors benefit

Good Luck
Semper Fi!
Gary R. Alexander,
10th Dan Mil. Spec. Black Belt,
H2HC Systems, & Combat Isshinryu Karate

As a 20 year veteran I know what it takes to be part of an elite group of guys protecting our country, I try for 20 years. This cause which Soke Mike Jr. has ventured in to raise monies to help those fallen soldiers coming back from Iraq is truly a wonderful cause. To raise money to help our soldiers who have given their lives, for a cause for freedom, and to go far away from their families and friends to sacrifice their lives is something I cannot explain in words. I would like to say for all those who donate to this cause that a blessing a million times over will come from God himself. Please here the cry’s of our Sons and Daughters please give and keep praying for their home coming soon to come.

Soke Joe Miller / TaizanRyu

Dear Sir,
My name is Henry Guidoboni I am the Owner and operator of Oriental Gateway, in Woburn Ma. a family run business for over 35 years, were we have been specializing in the manufacturing and distributing of martial arts equipment, uniforms and specialty items. I am also a Proud Marine. I am writing this letter to endorse the International Brain Research Foundation because I truly believe in the work they are doing to help our men and women in all branches of the military. They put their lives in harms way to protect this great country and I think we need to be doing more for them when they come home with such severe injuries. This organization with the help of all Martial Artist on every level will be the stepping stone to give back to the Millions who have given to us.

Respectfully Yours,
Henry Guidoboni
Semper Fi

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Richard Fike and I’m retired member of the U.S. Army. I recently learned of a non-profit organization that has been helping fellow soldiers recover from traumatic brain injuries suffered in combat. This organization is the International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF) and they report that over 40% of the soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have been diagnosed with some level of brain disorder. These disorders are associated with blast related injuries and extended deployments and they need to be addressed immediately.
Grandmaster Michael DePasquale is once again leading the charge and spearheading events to support our troops suffering from various brain trauma received in combat. He has teamed up with the IBRF and is offering his time and efforts for this cause and he is now asking you for your support as well. I challenge each martial artist to take the time – to find time, and get involved by joining Mike and his Martial Arts Xtreme Challenge Fundraiser. It’s a chance for you, the traditional martial arts warrior to reach out with a helping hand to the modern warriors of today.

Shihan Richard Fike
Soke Sanchi-Ryu Karate
Madison Combined Martial Arts
U.S. Army retired

I cannot say too much or give too much praise to those who are working to help our vets return to a normal life. These are the guys that put it all on the line. They deserve whatever help we can give. The International Brain Foundation has done some wonderful work and certainly deserves our support. As one who has served in the Corps and also as a civilian, spent 6 years training the Afghan Presidential Protective Service, I join with my brother Michael DePasquale, Jr. and my good friend, Bill Chatfield in most heartily endorsing this organization and ask my martial arts colleagues to do the same.

Bill D'Urso
Marine Corps 53-56
Senior Rep IFOJJ

There can never be enough praise for all our military brothers who sacrifice their lives everyday so we can live free here in the United States. Whenever someone can create a format to help all Military and their families this is worth all the riches one can hope to save. As a former Military E-6 I give a personnel endorsement to Dr. Defina and Michael De Pasquale Jr. for all their untiring efforts and dedication to all our Military Brothers.

God Bless
Joe Hess

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Be a part of an event that has great value to the lives of those who have put their lives on the line fighting for our freedom, let's help those young men and women who need help from us to live a better life. We the martial art community can play an important role in their recovery and rehabilitation. So let's make a difference, and register your school now!

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